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At LensAndLasers, we only sell top-quality factory new products with full factory warranties. We do not sell used, demo, refurbished, or cheap knock-off products.

We're often asked how we can sell most of our items for such low prices. The answer is that we're a small company with a low overhead. We don't have the high costs that some of our competitors do. Therefore we can charge less and still make a satisfactory profit.

Because we're a small company, we can hire employees who know guns and gun accessories. We don't just have order-takers on the phone. If you have questions, we'll give you the answers. If we don't know the answer, we'll get it and call you back. We want you to buy the product you need, not just some product we can sell you.

Because we sell only top-notch brands, it's unlikely that you'll receive a defective product. If you should, though, we'll help to set things right. We'll send you a replacement item along with a call tag for returning the defective product. Some manufacturers, such as Trijicon and Crimson Trace, do not allow retailers to handle defective product issues. They require that the customer deal with them directly. In those cases, we'll help you deal with the manufacturer and make sure that your issue is resolved quickly, and to your satisfaction.

We're here because you and other customers have trusted us for your purchases. We won't let you down.